The most beautiful dresses today are 3D flowers

Into the summer, have you ever felt that more and more people around you began to “spend” up?

In fact, flowers have always been an essential element in the fashion circle, from the red carpet couture dress to the daily street photo outfit, all kinds of flowers can always catch the eye.

This year, designers have taken the flower theme to a new “dimension”, with more sculptural 3D flowers “opening” on the dress.

For example, Magda Butrym, a talented designer from Poland, loves to use the 3D flower element, and roses in various materials are repeated in her eponymous label, covering everything from knitted dresses and chiffon shirts to handbags and high heels.

Although originally a niche designer brand, but with the Jennifer Lopez, Jennie, Elsa Hosk and other star supermodels over the cards, the current popularity is rising rapidly.

Indeed, Magda Butrym is arguably one of the most “iconic” brands to make three-dimensional flowers, especially its dresses, each of which is brought to life by the presence of these flowers.

In addition to Magda Butrym, 3D flowers can also be seen in a number of Mango dresses.

Whether it is chest, neck, or sling, the original ordinary skirt has an instant personality because of the addition of these flowers, as if to go out with nature

There was also no shortage of 3D flowers on this year’s show, Caroline Herrera’s spring/Summer 2023 show, where black three-dimensional roses gave the whole dress a charming and dangerous atmosphere.

The same goes for Zimmermann’s resort collection, where the long pink dress was covered from end to end with prominent flowers and individual petals, making the dress more tender and sweet.

In other Zimmermann collections, three-dimensional flowers transformed into another form appeared on one shoulder of the model, which also looked full of vitality.

AlessandraRich made 3D flowers appear on the chest strap of the split dress, and the three-dimensional roses complement the printed roses on the dress body. The flower decoration on the front of the wrist and the waist makes the dress more flexible.

This black dress of Cing a sept is also the same idea, placing the black rose in the chest, not only breaks the stiff black dress, but also shows the mature and sexy side of women, expressing romantic characteristics.

In daily life, many celebrity supermodels are also in love.

Hailey Bieber is also fond of them, whether it is sexy short skirts or gentle long skirts, there is no lack of three-dimensional flowers embellished.

Leonie Hanne loves a variety of high-saturation colors, and she chose a rose pink skirt for a bright, summery look.

Bella Hadid’s yellow leather dress was combined with roses to give the dress a strong texture and add a bit of edge.

So, this year’s hottest and most beautiful dresses have flowers on them, so for us ordinary people, how should we choose and match? Here are three tips that might help.

If you do not want to have too many flowers on your dress, or feel that only one flower is enough, then the size of the flower is best to be larger, and the position should be more eye-catching, so that it is more visual impact.

In general, the entire chest area is the most noticeable part, and all it takes is a single blooming rose to instantly make your outfit stand out.

Although most brands choose to decorate their dresses with three-dimensional roses, there are always a few brands that go the extra mile and choose to use other kinds of three-dimensional flowers.

For example, Loewe’s white floral dress, which Zendaya just wore, has been trending on social media. A white dress embellished with white palm sets off the beauty of Zendaya.

However, too large white palm flower also means mobility inconvenience, if you want to wear in daily life, you can choose a slightly smaller, will be more light.

There is the most famous Chanel camellia in the fashion circle, and the skirt is set with a small flower, which looks very fresh and elegant.

Dries Van Noten’s flowers have also always been famous, designer Dries Van Noten himself is also known as the “gentleman of flowers” because of his love of flowers, in the documentary about him, whether at home or in the studio, flowers are everywhere, and these flowers are also applied to his clothing, with a second life.

The ruffled flowers of the brand’s spring/Summer 2023 collection bloom on the shoulders of the models, which are loud and high-profile, with an aggressive beauty.

There is Cynthia Rowley, three-dimensional flower decorative dress and suit jacket collocation, both in terms of color and texture have a strong sense of collision, the front and back length of the dress is also because of the presence of three-dimensional flowers become full of vitality.

As the saying goes, “a single flower is not spring, a hundred flowers blooming spring garden”, a single flower is already very beautiful, but the flowers are often more amazing dress.

At this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, Zendaya wore one of the most talked about looks on the red carpet in a custom-made pink gown by Valentino, which was covered in three-dimensional roses.

Valentino has a long history of using flowers to create fashion. In previous years’ series, you can often see beautiful dresses made of flowers, with bright flowers blooming freely.

Schiaparelli’s Autumn/Winter 2022 couture collection with three-dimensional flowers was also stunning, and there were many dresses that are still impressive, whether it is a three-dimensional flower dress cast in metal, or a black velvet dress surrounded by colorful flowers, each piece is like a work of art.

The most classic is the 2007 spring/Summer collection released by Lee Alexander McQueen in Paris in 2006. Near the end of the show, closing supermodel Tanya Dziahileva made her entrance, and as she walked, flower petals occasionally fell from her dress.

It turned out that the dress was made of real flowers, which were installed an hour before the show in order to keep the flowers fresh for the show. And this dress of McQueen was preserved in the museum after being restored, and also provided an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the three-dimensional flower dress design later.

Not only big brands, some independent designer brands are also very good at three-dimensional flowers “pinching”, For Love & Lemons is a honey brand from the United States, because it is good at making three-dimensional flower dresses.

Open its home official website, you will find that the dress covered with three-dimensional flowers can be seen everywhere, just look at the picture, the mood will become better.

Chinese designer SUSAN FANG, who made a spectacular appearance at this year’s fashion Week, also showed her obsession with three-dimensional flowers, embellishing dresses with dense flowers to bring the beauty of nature to fashion.

If your dress itself does not have three-dimensional flowers, you can also choose some flower accessories to decorate, so that not only can flexibly determine the location of flowers, but also stimulate our creativity and enhance fun.

Fan Jinghan, who recently appeared on the cover of VOGUE’s May issue, wore a three-dimensional floral necklace from Chinese independent designer Sultry Virgin around her neck, giving her purple dress an innocent feel.

There is Bae Joo Hyun at the birthday party this style, she tied a neck and pink skirt suit echo the neck flower, beautiful and beautiful.

Different colors of neck flowers will also bring different feelings, Yang surpassed the black neck flowers for her to increase a cool feeling, but also with a little pride.

You can even tie necklaces around your waist to make a transition between the skirt and top, which will also make the whole look more interesting.

Jisoo, who recently made his solo debut, also provides a lot of reference for us. Since the single “flower” itself is flower themed, her song costume is full of floral accessories.

There are also flowers in the palm of the hand, appearing in such unexpected places, rather than simply appearing on the skirt more memorable points.

Even the manicure is in the shape of flowers, which matches the pink dress better. It also inspired us to discover more about the possibilities of flowers and dresses.

In short, about the romantic expression of flowers on the dress, everyone has different imagination and views, I hope that these three-dimensional flowers blooming on the dress can bring you a beautiful and changeable image, as well as want to get close to the happy mood of nature.

Li Yuchun “Happy Weekend” concert first wave style exclusive reveal

In the past tour, many world-famous designers have created countless classic styles for Li Yuchun.

In 2023, Li Yuchun’s personal concert was launched again, and he flew overseas to communicate with well-known designers around the world to customize a new stage shape for this year’s performance.

The first instinct from Mugler designers was a powerful suit jacket. This is not only Li Yuchun’s label, but also highly consistent with the DNA of the brand. While emphasizing the strong sense of women, it also integrates Mugler’s best details of female sexuality, high heels with net socks, red, purple and black impact, all around the core of the design. The designer designed several sets for Li Yuchun, and Li finally chose two sets.

Balmain designers draw inspiration from the classic flower bud shape, supplemented by complex crystal embroidery, Balmain’s best and iconic elements into it, excavating the soft and sexy side of Li Yuchun. The overall shape is like a sparkling rose, delicate and soft, but also sonorous and powerful.

The other set is from Alexander McQueen, neutral and minimalist design, modern, capable, very cosmopolitan. White shirt, leather tie, chest double breasted wrap skirt, cool and sa, smooth lines, one go. The exaggerated flower earrings with the old effect add a touch of charm, so that the whole look is finishing touch, shape and aura.

The Paco Rabanne designer returned to the brand’s most iconic metallic elements, inspired by the chain mail jumpsuit from the brand’s first fashion show in 1967. In this design, the use of the latest high-tech metal material, lighter, more flexible, with different sizes, colors and gloss of the metal sheet arrangement combination, the geometric pattern on the garment is also specially designed by contemporary well-known artists, both retro and avant-garde, to ensure that the stage is shining.

As a brand spokesperson of Gucci and a friend of cooperation for many years, Li Yuchun’s concert will not lack Gucci’s custom shape, the design inspiration comes from equestrian, the use of presold logo printing fabric, but it has been deconstructed and reshaped to appear more lightweight and sexy. The whole set of modeling perfectly combines the ancient and the present, the classic and the trend are linked.

The concert is about to officially open, I wish Li Yuchun’s “Happy Weekend” concert a complete success, and look forward to her perfect performance of these unique stage looks.

She wore her own patterned wedding dress to welcome the romantic moment of life

Not long ago, Chinese designer Samuel Gui Yang caught our attention when he shared a beautiful wedding dress for his longtime collaborator Hanna Sager Forsberg. Another Chinese designer, Long Hongziwei, the founder of Soft Mountains, designed the headdress to match. Just from the photos, you can feel the romantic atmosphere. To that end, we got in touch with Hanna, Samuel and Wei Wei to talk about the story behind this collaboration.

“On May 3, 2023, we eloped.” “We quietly went to the registry office in Manhattan, New York City, and had a wedding registration ceremony that no one knew about except the two of us and the witnesses. It was a very romantic moment.”

Speaking of this seemingly impromptu, but actually premeditated “eloping” trip, Hanna’s joy was overwhelming. Originally from Gothenburg, Sweden, she studied at the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, University of the Arts London, and has lived in London since completing her studies. Hanna, who finally chose to become a fashion pattern maker, not only has 12 years of rich work experience, but still has full love and insistence on pattern design. In addition, Hanna is also interested in taking care of her own small garden and getting along with flowers and plants in her spare time. After more than a decade and a half with his partner Andrew Goss, the two finally continued to support and accompany each other as newlyweds this year.

Hanna’s encounter with Samuel Gui Yang began with a collaboration opportunity three years ago, when she was invited for an interview and felt that she was very much in line with the brand in terms of work style, design style and visual aesthetic. She also enjoyed the creative process with Samuel, Erik and the rest of the team – whether it was the professional skills required in making and cutting, or the effortlessly beautiful finished product, these valuable experiences and memories led her to want to be involved in the creation of her own wedding dress. As for finalizing “Shuang dress” for Samuel Gui Yang’s Autumn/Winter 2023 collection as wedding dress, Hanna considered other options, but as a copymaker working hand in hand with Samuel Gui Yang, She has more than once imagined that in these beautiful works that she participates in, there will be such a thing that is destined to belong to her, and this fleeting idea will eventually become a concrete realization at this important moment. The “Shuang dress” is her plate making work.

‘When Samuel and Erik first showed me the design for Shuang dress, I was already fascinated by it. “The first time I tried on the ready-to-wear samples, whether it was the gentle touch of the fabric or the comfortable elegance of the cut design, it reaffirmed my choice,” Hanna recalls. Hanna prefers a quiet, elegant style with Shuang dress, rather than a design that exposes a lot of skin or places a heavy emphasis on curves. On the basis of the original sample, she adjusted the dress to a more suitable size, and with the help of Erik, she found the right fabric, and finally a good tailor made the dress perfectly. For Hanna, it is not only the Shuang dress that is given expectations, but also the process of careful preparation with others that is full of unparalleled meaning and memories.

For headwear, Hanna chose “Sparkle”, a collaboration between Samuel Gui Yang and another Chinese designer, Soft Mountains. Imitating the spark-like lines, the freshwater pearls of different shapes show a glittering and translucent luster in the light. “Sparkle means to bloom,” explains Long Hongziwei, founder of Soft Mountains. “I hope that the person who wears Sparkle will shine like a spark and have their own beautiful moments.”

When Samuel and Wei Wei were asked about their feelings about their works being chosen by others to wear in important moments of life, they felt that “gratitude and honor” were the key words both mentioned. For Samuel, this opportunity is not the first time, but there is still a different kind of happiness and emotion when receiving a photo of the other person or the joy shared by others. And Long Hongziwei said, “This is more meaningful and more fulfilling than winning any award.” The wedding is one of the most important moments in life, every detail is very important to the couple, their own design to witness this special moment, representing the bride’s mood at the moment, is a full affirmation of our design.”

After dinner on the day of the registration ceremony, Andrew took a photo of Hanna at her favorite Chelsea hotel. It is worth mentioning that Andrew is also the photographer who worked with Samuel on the multi-season lookbook.

“I love the feeling of wearing it. When Andrew first saw me in it, he was so surprised and impressed.” Hanna expressed her satisfaction with the resulting special version of Shuang dress. Among them, the skirt is connected by two parts – the first is the diagonal high-neck skirt, because the use of rayon and cut to the most suitable size, wear good and reduce the visual penetration, making the color of the skirt more clean and pure. The second part is made from a mixture of chalky rayon and crepe, which makes it slightly heavier. Although the material is foggy, because of the special way the crepe is knitted, it still presents a beautiful luster in the light. As for the design of the straps on the back, “I asked my husband Andrew to come up with some creative ideas,” Hanna says cheerfully. “It can also be a really cute interaction.”

Invitation from DIOR GALERIE — 30 Montaigne

Despite the difficulties, there were some surprises at Paris Fashion Week. Dior’s flagship store on Avenue Montaigne opened four days ago.

The store became Dior Galerie, which tells the story from its founder, Christian Dior, to today.

70 Avenue Montaigne, where the collection was born for 30 years, is now home to La Galerie Dior, a unique exhibition space, Witness the vision of Christian Dior, fashion designer and perfumer and six of his successors, Yves Saint Laurent, Marc Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre, John Galliano, Raf Simons and Maria Grazia Chiuri. Through an absorbing scene narrative designed by Nathalie Criniere, La Galerie Dior tells and symbolizes the Parisian epic of haute couture, beauty and perfume.

From the life of Christian Dior to his passion for the garden, from artistic affinity to the magic of a grand ball, from a master artist’s studio to a “House of Wonders” conceived as a treasure chest, 13 themes refresh the memory of this historic address, From sharp Dior style outline to exquisite Miss Dior and J’Adore perfume bottles.

“It has to be 30 Avenue Montaigne. I’ll go out on my own, there’s no other way!”
“My wish [is] to build a house in my name. A house where everything is new.”
Christian Dior

Dior is pleased to announce that after more than two years of renovation, Montaigne 6, the iconic kingdom of Dreamfield, will reopen on XNUMX Day, 30, 2022. “I am very happy and proud to see this extraordinary dream, this outstanding project – mine
The team and I took all our enthusiasm with us – and it finally happened. More than a reopening, 30 Montaigne is a complete makeover and a living symbol of our DNA: The birth of a field unique in the world, where dreams are at liberty, is an unprecedented new chapter in the history of Dior, fashion – and Paris – to be written, “said Pietro Beccari, Chairman and CEO of Christian Dior Couture.

At the intersection of neoclassical style and modern purity, the architecturally curated touring show Peter Marino celebrates the diversity of craftsmanship, the art of living, gastronomy and culture.

This modern, multifaceted display – a harmonious balance of boldness, excellence and virtuosity, right down to the shop window – will provide an extraordinary home.

A dazzling boutique that exudes Dior essentials – from toile de Jouy to Cannage – and is studded with artwork and other surprises, including several exclusive pieces.
A niche devoted entirely to beauty, perfume and happiness.
La Galerie Dior, a nod to Christian Dior’s first career as a gallerist. In the narrative setting of Nathalie Criniere, it will uncover the precious archives of brands from haute couture to perfume.
The haute couture studio **, and — for the first time at 30 Avenue Montaigne — the haute jewelry Studio, embody Dior’s exceptional quality.
Le Restaurant Monsieur Dior and La Patisserie Dior, both infused with the brainchild of French chef Jean Imbert.
Three gardens, created by landscape architect Peter Wirtz in collaboration with architect Peter Marino.
Finally, a quintessential experience of the French art of hospitality, La Suite Dior provides the key to 30 Montaigne for your most memorable evening.

By showcasing new, but always one-of-a-kind work by the likes of Guy Limone, Jennifer Steinkamp, Johan Creten, Paul Cocksedge, Isa Genzken, Azuma Makoto and Joel
Andrianomearisoa, each of these Spaces will represent the creativity that has always permeated the brand and the love of art that defines Christian Dior. The space is infused with the visionary spirit of Mr. Dior, the fashion designer and the perfumer, who in just a decade (from 1947 to 1957) reimagined femininity and built an empire of determined influence and constant innovation.

The charming new atmosphere of this historic building — from the majestic Grand Escalier to its iconic Cabine, artfully restored to its original state — promises a timeless experience that invites visitors to step on a surprising, unprecedented journey that can be experienced “elsewhere.”

* Architect Peter Marino designed Boutiques, La Suite Dior, Salon haute couture, Le
Restaurants Monsieur Dior, La Patisserie Dior and The Garden (with Peter Wirtz).
** stands side by side with the confidential Salon haute Couture, faithfully restoring the guardian of Dior’s craft secrets.

Burberry Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 London

Burberry decided to stage the extravaganza – a returning fashion show – after four fashion weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Strategically a great plan. Urban Animation, runway dressed as a dining table, guest stars Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy — all powerful statements.

The look of the new collection is unusual, showcasing British heritage, hounds and military pride. I looked at this collection and couldn’t help but think – this collection, despite the very English Gorgets (the last surviving plate armour), Burberry, traditional English flannel and tartan, still has this Dolce Gabbana look. Yes, glasses, of course. The similarities are uncanny.

All the dinner parades, with their fanfare and costumed tables, celebrate “Burberry.” It probably does, but once again I don’t believe it, not even at all.

Burberry is a Londoner. For more than 130 years, London has been our community and source of inspiration. Equestrian Knight Design celebrates the Burberry heritage in the heart of our city and comes to life. Crowdfunded in an open competition circa 1901 to design a new Burberry logo, a symbol of our innovative attitude and connection to the community. ​

London is an attitude: forward-looking, adventurous, global and inclusive. Inside the iconic Tower Bridge of the city we’re proud to call home, we’re revisiting the equestrian knight design as a hologram ahead of tomorrow’s #BurberryAW22 fashion show, a revered sign of our pioneering spirit.

“It was important for me to explore belonging; How communities can truly bring meaning to the world. This collection is about celebrating the fact that we come together today and the city we come together in. For me, London is a dream. The collection embodies an intangible essence of Britishness, respecting the beauty of the past while focusing on the future with gratitude, hope and love, “- Riccardo Tisci.

They represent fashion more than anyone else. Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy pose together in London on Friday afternoon. The trio were in the UK to launch Burberry’s new collection. The British Muse was dressed in black with a sequined top, trousers and a pair of boots. Leather gloves and a quilted bag complete her look.

Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy at Burberry runway in London. The British Muse was dressed in black with a sequined top, trousers and boots. Leather gloves and a quilted bag complete her look.

Naomi Campbell, who recently discovered the joys of motherhood, wore an ‘oversized’ suit and big sunglasses. The 51-year-old supermodel came to support her friend, Burberry artistic director Ricardo Tisci. She paused to greet Carla Bruni-Sarkozy. The wife of the former president of the Republic was resplendent in a red suit and a long black coat. A thin waist belt and a bag from an English house decorated everything.

Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2022-2023

Labels, college typos on oversized used hoodies, piercings – everything Audrey Hepburn would have wanted, or what she would have looked like had she still been with us and continued to inspire the House of Givenchy. Hubert de Givenchy, the brand’s founder, was inspired and admired by Audrey Hepburn’s timeless elegance and impeccable elegance. Two or three generations of women came to the House of Givenchy looking for pieces that would brighten their elegance and beauty. This has changed in the last 2-3 years…

Toxic Waste – Givenchy’s new inspiration, I wonder who the new designs will inspire, or who will they grace? Definitely something Audrey Hepburn would die for… I often pass by the Givenchy store in Saint-Honore. It’s always empty. Just before the show, Givenchy changed their glass Windows again. Now we don’t see any clothes or accessories, we just see huge plastic bottles with some toxic substances in them.

Such relief… I want to know what the new collection of Matthew M. Williams, the new creative director of House of Givenchy, is. I know the designer at 1017 ALYX 9SM — his own label. He is young, 36, and the brand is young and bold, for a younger generation of stereotypes who are not looking for elegance and grace, but who wish to express themselves, impose themselves and most certainly protest in a variety of different ways. Teen life feel, teen way of being also applies to Nike, applies to certain capsule lines.

But it was definitely a surprise to see the American designer chosen by Givenchy as creative director in 2020. What does he bring to the table? Only he knows the way and the design. So, here we have labels, dirty black, punctured and tangled dirt. Everything is its place. This aesthetic had no place at Givenchy. What was the reason for choosing this designer? Scare away loyal customers. I was scared. I don’t buy Givenchy anymore. What to do? I was scared when I walked past this store…

Absurd and irrelevant press releases have been distributed to the media regarding this collection reprinted in “Elements from the Hubert de Givenchy Haute Couture Archive”. Don’t say… Even if there were loops, you wouldn’t find a trace of Hubert de Givenchy. We’re looking at the American teen underground. Although it has nothing to do with Givenchy, its identity and DNA.

Does the CEO know that a luxury brand is more than a logo or a name? He doesn’t know how many brands have unfortunately disappeared because of such management? Do I have to write a list? Start with Nina Ricci, Guy Laroche, Sonia Rykiel, etc… ?

“I really wanted to create a complex of strong and delicate femininity and the interplay of multiple American and Parisian influences, movements and crafts. Next to her stood a modern man who instinctively sought fashion indifference. At runway, both are grounded in a sense of reality.”
— Matthew Williams

This season Givenchy applied the sensibility of the haute couture studio to everyday clothing prototypes, elevating the seemingly mundane to the extraordinary while making everyday clothes feasible. The silhouette is equally relaxed and monumental, decorative and functional, layered and direct, displaying Matthew M. Williams’ signature luxury and utility, once again bringing attention to men and women alike.

Elements from the Hubert de Givenchy haute couture archive added to the collection, modified and brought to the present day. Here, hardware becomes jewelry and pearls become studs.

Meanwhile, TK 360 sneakers, with their revolutionary all-knitted form, continue and communicate and inform all in their easy to wear and evolve, grow, change and wear sensibility, making everyday life a radical place.

Chanel Autumn/Winter 2022-2023 collection

For the new fall season, Virginie Viard explores the timeless code of the Chanel brand and focuses entirely on the tweed collection. She explained the code and adapted it for herself. Cousy and oversize sweaters, jumpers, grandmother’s stockings and fisherman’s boots come to life in Virginie Viard’s tale of Scotland. This isn’t the story of a big-city girl or Chanel, it’s the story of Virginie Viard secretly dancing in the middle of nowhere.

“Elegant and soft, tweed breathes with the movement and pace of modern life. Here, this iconic Chanel fabric resonates with the soft winter landscape, evoking the longitude and latitude of timeless dreams, “– the press release states.

The photographers visited the banks of the River Weed in Scotland in the Scottish Borders. With Aphex Twin’s sound in the background, their images draw inspiration from the saturated aesthetics of 1960s psychedelic films. A series of river panoramas and Scottish wilderness landscapes follow one another, like so many images known to Gabrielle Chanel.

“A river runs through the country. From a bird ‘s-eye view, the mysterious waters meet like a mirror. As if in a dream, a brick bridge appeared, then an arched viaduct and a road sign: the RIVER TWEED.
A river runs through the countryside. The morning mist takes on a myriad of colors, like a perpetual weave of symmetrical shapes. As if in a dream, when nature meets the human hand, a signpost appears: RIVER TWEED.”

Poems in press releases.

“Dedicating the whole collection to tweed is a tribute,” Ms. Virginiviard said. “We followed the Tweed River in the footsteps of Gabrielle Chanel and imagined the tweed in the colours of this landscape. Like a long pink coat with blue and purple mottling, or a Burgundy suit with a delicate gold sheen. This is what Gabrielle Chanel would do on a walk in the Scottish countryside: she would collect ferns and bouquets to inspire local artisans to create the hues she wanted, in addition to the regional offices we have opened in the US so that we can provide more support to our local customers. ”

Then there’s her story with the Duke of Westminster, whose jacket she made herself. “There’s nothing sexier than wearing the clothes of the person you love,” Virginie Viard continued. “Of course, I’m fascinated by the gesture that never goes out of style. In addition to the regional office set up by CHANEL, we also opened an office in the United States so that we can provide more support to our local customers. ”

Chanel’s ready-to-wear autumn/winter 2020/23 collection, shown in a space in Ephemere, the Grand Palet, was entirely wrapped in tweed, with psychedelic jackets and a few slightly masculine or plus-sized ones, as well as black paney velvet, tight skirts paired with stockings and pointy heels, paired with patent leather or looped wool mini stilettos, And black or beige rubber boots and thigh-high boots. “I was also thinking about England in the 1960s, and the colourful record covers,” adds Virginie Viard.

Given the infinite combination of colours and materials, tweed is a timeless code for the brand: “I enjoy working with it so much that at Chanel I couldn’t do without the regional offices it has set up, we have also opened offices in the US so that we can provide more support to local customers. ”

Balenciaga Fall Fashion 2022-2023

Black, Unseen, Masked and Latex Balenciaga Haute Couture Collection 51 launched today by Demna Gvasalia/Demna of Destruction. The show is a kaleidoscope of chaos of sorts, farmer jeans that look reminiscent of Levi’s prison uniforms in California in the early 501st century, today known as the XNUMX type, Daft Punk helmets, mythic pieces from Cristobal Balenciaga’s archives, Founder’s House. According to Demna, today is all about haute couture. But where is haute couture, where is Balenciaga? Let’s hope he believes in Tony Gardner, the original creator of the fabulous glossy helmet/headdress.

Alexis Mabille Fall 2022-2023 Haute Couture

Alexis Mabille had two passions in life — flowers and Dita Von Teese. This is probably one of the most spectacular Alexis Mabille collections he has ever created. On each dress in this collection, you can wear a matching silk basketball cap (with a glittery “M”). Very thoughtful.

These days, almost all haute couture designers create primarily for rappers and dancers, and shine in large public Settings, leaving the rap-averse public to the luxury of ready-to-wear.

Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2022-2023

Chanel artistic director Virginie Viard asked artist Xavier Veilhan to collaborate on the collection. He made a film out of blurry dogs, cars and sharks, starring Chanel ambassador Charlotte Casiraghi, musician Sebastian Tyrrell and model Vivienne Rone. Virginie Viard loves this fantastical universe, which is full of animals and playful shapes.

“I envision Chanel’s autumn/winter 2022-2023 haute couture following up on the previous show, making room for experimentation,” said Virginie Viard. “The group of artists around me, made up of Xavier Veilhan, Sebastien Tellier, Charlotte Casiraghi, joined by Pharrell Williams and model Vivienne Rohner, They allow it. The same goes for haute couture.”

As Virginie Viard said in an interview, the show also created special songs for “Mademoiselle”, referencing Miss Chanel. On foot, in addition to T-strap heels, cowboy boots add a touch of color to the long dress and connect to the Etrier de Paris Equestrian center, which was chosen as the venue for the show.

The setting is inspired by the camouflage of optical illusions and plays on shapes and stripes. “Xavier Veilhan enjoyed transforming the set into an immersive installation that was soft as it moved and involved the music.”

Fuzzy… Everything is blurred, especially our image of luxury and elegance at Chanel.