Givenchy Autumn/Winter 2023-2024

This collection by Givenchy is actually the first collection by Matthew M. Williams, the brand’s creative director, and we can think of it as the first attempt at a dialogue with the Parisian elegance established by Hubert de Givenchy.

In the past few years, nothing but toxic waste with street labels on clothes and rock ‘n ‘roll. After Givenchy’s Paris store emptied, the brand decided to try to recreate Audrey Hepburn’s elegance.

It’s a bit of a relaxed style, but it’s a good start. It’s starting to look a lot like… Givenchy… Flowing silhouettes, organza and satin in black, green, grey and pink.

Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 Collection

Saint Laurent’s collection is a throwback to the 1990s. We used to see almost the same work season after season, observing the details that popped up here and there: a giant bow one season, a giant shoulder another. This season, Anthony Vaccarello, the brand’s creative director, decided that we would add a wide shoulder to the oversized jacket.

I noticed an interesting detail: He made the huge shoulders out of different fabrics, including leather. It actually has a very interesting effect, if I say so myself. The leather jacket with leather drape is definitely an iconic look – the model looks like an antique statue… Perhaps this is the only find, but the entire collection is worth talking about this one and only iconic look.

Versace Fall 2023

Italian elegance… No one could describe it better in Italian: “An incredible collection, a return to tailoring, with a new feel brought on by female and male sexiness, it was an incredibly delicate game that never went above the top, with embroidery and accessories of extraordinary precision. Finally, the subtle irreverence of some of the volume and detail of Haute Couture 1950-60, as well as the unparalleled cast, the models moved in a very elegant and natural way, “– Lucio Antonucci, Tailor and Tailors (Florence, Italy).

Chen Peng Autumn 2023

In 2018, Moncler launched a new concept, Moncler Genius, which showcases a group of talented fashion designers working under the same name, using unique Moncler technology, which is absolutely unique and creative. Capsule collections by six to eight designers were showcased at a special presentation in Milan. The concept fascinates many brands.

What makes this Moncler Genius project unique is that the designers chosen have very different styles, so their designs at Moncler are aimed at a large group of people with different tastes and styles. Unfortunately, today it is limited to a style of hip-hop aimed at gen z. Many of us have lost interest.

The appeal of Moncler Genius in its first two years was the involvement of Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli, who first created the bubble dress. Hello s “Fluffy Nun” (2018-2019 collection), followed by “Fluffy Queens” (2019-2020) became an iconic reference to “fluffy” or “fluffy” elegance. Unfortunately, Moncler discontinued the line. But it became a tradition.

At Paris Fashion Week, young designer Chen Peng showed a series of explosive bubble dresses that continued the elegance of winter wear. No wonder he designed a capsule collection for Moncler about a year ago. So let’s say he’s now fully ready for Moncler Genius.

Chen used modern techniques, such as filling goose down material in evening wear, to create his “Down Evening wear” collection. I’m glad to know that puffy gowns will once again be the most popular winter wear.

Shiatzy Chen Autumn 2023

Shiatzy Chen is a Taiwanese luxury fashion brand founded in 1978 by Wang Chen-tsai Hsueh and her husband Wang Yuan-hung. The name, which means “New Look of China,” combines Chinese dress and handicraft aesthetics with Western styles.

The new season Wang Chen Caixia created her love story, the everlasting love into embroidery. She tells the story of ancient women who hand-sewed purses and gave them as gifts to loved ones. She transformed the purse’s unique shape into a cut-out pattern, creating a kind of modern origami for a new generation of women.

Puffy gold jackets, traditional Oriental paintings and embroidery have found their place in modern clothing. Wang Chen Tsai-Hia sews the love symbols of success and wealth into new patterns and designs.

In her interview, she said her goal in the 45 years of her brand’s existence was to make a new generation of women feel surrounded by love. Wang Chen Tsai-Hsia began to prepare her brand for the new requirements to protect our living environment, new steps towards a future of sustainable and responsible production of luxury clothing. Her ambitions go even further, and she plans to recommend new immersive Web3 experiences to her clients.

In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Schatz Chen returned to Paris with her fashion show this season, once again infusing poetic Oriental inspiration into the source of Western culture, inviting the audience to follow the heartstring and weave a romantic web of beautiful eastern and Western crafts.

The Fall/Winter 2023-2024 collection is themed around HEARTSTRINGS, and we see design director Shiatzy Chen drawing inspiration from the purses that ancient Chinese women hand-sewn and gave to their loved ones. Oriental style rounded Ruyi shape is translated into fashion, the eternal love into embroidery stitch, depicting a pair of twins. Heart and string play the beautiful concerto of Oriental art and Western art complementing each other, transcending cultural barriers and becoming one. Through the symbol of love and affection of cotton tassel, start the interesting journey of cultural collision.

Similar silhouettes bloom across the stage, each representing stunning Eastern and Western fashion. With the elegant Oriental diagonal collar cut echo is the public Western-style vest, elegant horse cotton skirt swaying step by step; Followed by the romantic Western-style low-waisted flared skirt, literati Tang dress simple and unaffected, and unrestrained rebellious Western-style vest in sharp contrast. The perspectives of Eastern and Western cultures compare with each other, but in the contemporary era they are so closely linked and full of similarities and differences.

The silhouette design of autumn and winter series transforms the unique shape of Oriental style purse into tailoring pattern, lapel and pocket cover. Oriental style dresses adopt tweed and metal fringe from the West, moire embroidery as decorative bottom edge down jacket, or the traditional Kesi jacquard fabric is combined with western classic jacquard pattern to extend and contrast each other, reflecting the mutual inclusion and influence of clothing technology. Derived a brand new fashion aesthetic.

In this collection, Shiatzy Chen further elevates our iconic embroidery craft with innovative hand-stitched embroidery techniques. Phoenix and peony, as the Oriental symbol of auspice and wealth, are full of ruyi and moire embroidery, magnificent and dazzling. This series of original jacquard, like the white rabbit riding the phoenix, soaring in the mountains and the sea, gallop in the bright and charming future.

The handbag design features jade elements favored by women, with the launch of a new “jade bracelet purse handbag”, adding a modern silhouette to the traditional purse shape. The stylish and simple handle design makes the handbag more delicate and modern. The launch of a number of purses and handbags reflects the new generation’s various ways to express their love. This season’s women’s shoes have liberated the old women’s shoes, to comfortable, free and easy, generous flat shoes as the feature, the thick sole design adds an elegant atmosphere, balance the temperament of youth and lively.

Diesel Resort 2024

Glenn Martens (Y/Project), creative director of Diesel D, has incorporated reflections into the casual element of the Diesel dictionary. The runway collection includes plain knit T-shirts, hoodies and denim, all with a rainbow mirror effect coating to create a range of colors. He managed to increase the creativity and experimentation of his pieces while making them easy to wear.

The super hoodie and strapless top were created by layering them on top of each other in a new interpretation of the Diesel logo. Monster overalls, which have become iconic styles in recent seasons, have been given a new treatment and enhanced silhouette.

In addition, the Oval D hardware logo found a new application in the form of a black leather biker jacket, pants, and boots. Cargo jackets, denim, hoodies and a new Grab-D bag in a soft graffiff-like print show experimentation with finishes. In addition, runway’s oversized, exaggerated proportions on leather jackets, denim and new overalls represent a strong evolution of the philosophy built on Diesel runway. Finally, new denim clogs for all genders bring the overall look back to earth.

New Denim D for young and trendy Lady D.

A postscript. I personally think this series is not just for young Gen Z or any other name. There are beautiful and very bright pieces, the sky is high and beautiful. New technology and sustainability are priorities. More and more I became a fan of the new diesel engine. Glenn Martens is now ready to take over the Balenciaga market. No ugliness, no gloom, no outward perversion — pure pleasure. Some of the pieces are very bright, some are funky, some are meant to keep calm or oppose established opinions… There’s definitely something worth seeing.

Gucci Cruise 2024 Resort Seoul

For once, I’d like to allow myself to start this review the way an influencer does: wow !!!! But I’m not bound by that. I think I’m becoming a Gucci fan. Dessano Saturday, Gucci’s new artistic director, moved into the Gucci house on XNUMX Day 28, 2023. It’s certainly a joint effort, a Gucci studio effort, but… . There are some extraordinary pieces of code that have finally made it to the Gucci House. Let’s hope that continues.

Yes, of course I saw the Valentino lines, fabrics and bows. It was in his own way, in his own very modern vision. Gucci has become an elegant brand with a quiet and healthy style, which I might say is quite surprising given all the controversy and eccentrics that Franis-Henri Pinault [Kering chairman and CEO, which owns Gucci] so values.

Things to look out for: Fencing corset, cut sleeves, exquisite crystal embroidery, huge print of strawberry jelly, hoodie kit ten POWs and butterflies, very Italian cut white suit, floral tapestry as corset, huge fake pearls, tight black suit and dress… I could go on.

What I see now is intense competition with Louis Vuitton, Dior and Chanel. Find out. The Cruise 2024 fashion show was held at Seoul’s historic Gyeongbok Palace. Gyeongbok Palace, built in 1395, was not only the main imperial palace of the Joseon Dynasty, but also a center of great development in science, literature, architecture and art.

Tim Burton’s Labyrinth in Paris

This engaging exhibition offers an immersive experience featuring an exhilarating maze that highlights a variety of themes for film makers. It showcases a series of rooms filled with original artwork and incorporates technology, lighting, sound and set design inspired by Tim Burton’s films.

Visitors will embark on a personal adventure through the mind of this creative genius, exploring beloved characters and iconic scenes from the filmmaker’s acclaimed films. Offering a truly unique experience, this exhibition takes guests on a thrilling journey through the imaginative worlds of the directors, producers, writers and artists who have captivated audiences of all ages in the run-up to Christmas with films such as BeetleJuice, Batman, Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton’s Nightmare, The Zombie bride, Todd the Barber and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The duration of the trip will vary depending on the path chosen and usually lasts about an hour.

Covering more than 5,000 square metres, Espace Chapiteaux, a tented area in La Villette, will undergo an extraordinary makeover, offering the public an immersive experience in which they can choose their own story.

With more than 300 possible routes, the Maze is guaranteed to allow you to explore the inner world of famed filmmaker Tim Burton. From the fantasy of Alice in Wonderland to the bizarre Mars attack, from the strange Mr. Jack’s strange Christmas to the charming Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, to the unforgettable Beetlejuice, guests will encounter the director’s 100 original works in this dynamic, joyful and fun process. A fascinating journey.

This extraordinary event is a must-see for all ages and promises to deliver an immersive and enjoyable experience that will bring the director’s vision to life.

Dior Cruise 2024 Resort

Dior Cruise 2024 Resort at the Colegio de San Ildefonso, a museum and cultural center in Mexico City. Story by RUNWAY magazine. Photo courtesy: Dior. Layout: RUNWAY magazine. Copy the Colegio de San Ildefonso building and center image with the help of AI.

Metamorphosis: Uncover the butterfly’s journey through time and culture. Welcome to the enchanting world of Dior Cruise 2024, Dior invites you to embark on a fascinating journey inspired by the enchanting symbol of the butterfly. In an extraordinary show held in the heart of Mexico City, Dior paid tribute to the profound significance of butterflies in history and culture. From the delicate butterflies that adorn Renaissance art to Fridacaro’s deep connection to winged creatures, we explore themes of transformation, liberation and the beauty of inner permanence.

“Dior Cruise 2024: Metamorphosis” is a visionary showcase that aims to celebrate the rich symbolism of butterflies through an immersive fusion of ancient artifacts, historical references and contemporary fashion. Set in Mexico City, a city known for its vibrant cultural and artistic heritage, the show will be an unforgettable blend of fashion, art and history.

Renaissance Connection:
Dior Cruise 2024 takes inspiration from the Renaissance and blends elements of timeless beauty and elegance. The runway will be beautifully designed to pay homage to the artistic masterpieces of the era, decorated with intricate butterfly patterns reminiscent of the delicate brushstrokes of Renaissance painting.

Fridacaro’s Butterflies:
A major figure in Mexican art and culture, Frida Kahlo saw the butterfly as a powerful symbol of personal transformation and liberation. Dior Cruise 2024 will showcase designs that honor Kahlo’s vision and capture her deep connection to nature and the metamorphosis of her soul. Through stunning clothing and accessories, we’ll recreate Kahlo’s iconic self-portraits and her embodiment of the resilience and beauty of butterflies.

Ancient Artifacts and cross-cultural References:
The exhibition will feature carefully selected ancient artifacts from different cultures, all of which adopt the symbolism of the butterfly. From the Mayan civilization to the Aztecs, the program will highlight the role of butterflies in their mythology, art and spiritual beliefs. By weaving together these diverse cultural references, Dior Cruise 2024 aims to create a visual narrative that celebrates the universal appeal of the butterfly as a symbol of change and freedom.

“Dior Cruise 2024: Metamorphosis” promises to be a fascinating exploration of the profound history and cross-cultural symbolism of butterflies. By digging deep into the rich artistic heritage of the Renaissance and paying tribute to Frida Kahlo’s journey of change, this exhibition offers a unique experience that transcends time and borders. Join us as we celebrate the power of transformation, liberation, and the timeless beauty within the butterfly’s wings.

Victoria Beckham celebrates 10th anniversary of her brand by recreating old photos in her first advertising campaign

Celebrity designer Victoria Beckham has enlisted master photographer Juergen Teller to star in her eponymous fashion brand’s first advertising campaign as it marks its 10th anniversary.

The three-image campaign will run for a week from Monday on Piccadilly Lights, a landmark outdoor billboard in London.

In April 2008, Victoria Beckham appeared in a funny campaign for American designer Marc Jacobs in which she slipped inside a huge Marc Jacobs shopping bag. To mark the 10th anniversary of the eponymous brand, Victoria Beckham and Juergen Teller teamed up with Marc Jacobs to create the iconic campaign. The only difference was that the giant shopping bag was replaced with his namesake brand.

The first photo shows her sitting in a large white paper bag labeled with her brand, so large that it covers her body except for her calves in white heels.

The second photo shows her with this big paper bag covering her upper body, revealing her long, beautiful legs. While the crowd was left wondering ‘is this really Victoria Beckham’, a third image emerged showing her climbing out of the bag and propping herself up as photographer Juergen Teller poked his camera out of the bag.