Bella Hadid performs Coperni white dress sprayed live on the runway

French Fashion house Coperni, led by Sebastien Meyer and Arnaud Vaillant, officially presented its spring/Summer 2023 collection at Paris Fashion Week this morning, Bella Hadid’s “white dress” was the highlight of the show.

Conceptualized by Sebastien Meyer’s obsession with avant-garde technology, the spray-painted dress serves as the show’s finale and brings the production process directly to the stage. Bella Hadid walked from backstage to center stage, naked, while scientist Dr. Manel Torres and his partner sprayed Fabrican with a white substance over her body. The white substance solidifies on the body as it touches the flesh, and the Coperni team spent about two minutes adjusting the solidifying form into distinctive silhouettes, such as cutting slits in skirts and adjusting shoulder straps.

The finale featured supermodel Bella Hadid, who was seen walking onto the stage in a nude thong with her hands covering her breasts, while a team of professionals led by Dr. Manel Torres, general manager of Fabrican and inventor of the aerosol fabric, Directly on the spot, she created the perfect, minimalist white dress for Bella. “This moment should be given to Dr. Torres because we have a lot of respect for what he has created,” said designer Vaillant. “We felt it was absolutely necessary for him to execute the show — for us, he made it so much more magical and moving.”

This scene also reminds many fashion fans of the classic scene of Alexander McQueen 1999 Spring/Summer show “No.13”, supermodel Shalom Harlow letting the robot arm spray paint, which can not help but make people sigh that the fashion industry has not been such a shocking scene for a long time. The day after the show, Diet Prada wrote: “Still thinking back to Coperni. Of course, the technology has been around since the 2010s, but the scene is still epic, an artistic triumph worthy of fashion history.”

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