Saint Laurent Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 Collection

Saint Laurent’s collection is a throwback to the 1990s. We used to see almost the same work season after season, observing the details that popped up here and there: a giant bow one season, a giant shoulder another. This season, Anthony Vaccarello, the brand’s creative director, decided that we would add a wide shoulder to the oversized jacket.

I noticed an interesting detail: He made the huge shoulders out of different fabrics, including leather. It actually has a very interesting effect, if I say so myself. The leather jacket with leather drape is definitely an iconic look – the model looks like an antique statue… Perhaps this is the only find, but the entire collection is worth talking about this one and only iconic look.

SAINT LAURENT unveils cool electric bike

Rive Droite, a branch of SAINT LAURENT, has launched its new collection “The Ride”, featuring clothing, accessories, electric bicycles and more, with the idea of bringing more inspiration from different industries such as fashion and automobiles. The biggest highlight is the limited-edition Super73-S2, a collaboration with Los Angeles-based e-bike brand SUPER73, which features a black aluminum frame and a white SAINT LAURENT logo throughout the car.

The SUPER73 is known for its motorcycle-style electric bike and its line of customized bicycles for celebrities. This limited edition electric bike combines Saint Laurent’s signature cool dark style with a unique design appearance and solid vehicle performance features.

In addition, SAINT LAURENT creative director ANTHONY VACCARELLO continued the same approach, also redesigning the HEDON logo with an all-black hard hat. HEDON helmet has long demonstrated its classic and timeless lines with exquisite materials. This time, it is imprinted with the style symbol of SAINT LAURENT, creating a detailed, retro, nostalgic and bold new appearance.

To complement the e-bike rocker hardcore, ANTHONY VACCARELLO has also teamed up with European raincoat king K-WAY to create a limited-edition bomber jacket with the brand’s signature elements, with wild tiger print and heavy machine style color blocks to create a unisex functional jacket. The limited edition e-bike is currently only available at SAINT LAURENT RIVE DROITE’s Paris Bank concept store in Paris and Los Angeles, and on its website.